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WTF Programmatic in NYC

brealtime_wtf2On July 10th, our team attended WTF Programmatic in hopes of discussing the complex language behind programmatic. WTF Programmatic, a Digiday event, attempted to “explain in plain English new technology tools and platforms that are changing the face of digital media.” VP of Demand for bRealTime, James Faherty describes his experience at WTF Programmatic:

“WTF Programmatic is a great event that will give you insight into how leaders in the industry define some of the more confusing topics/buzzwords/problems in digital advertising.”

Michael Farber, Director of Publisher Development for bRealTime, echoed James:

“WTF Programmatic was great at helping people get on the same page regarding new terms and the never-ending list of industry acronyms.”

Along with simplifying acronyms like DSP, SSP and RTB, WTF Programmatic detailed issues surrounding bid data. Speakers like Paul Cimino, founder of Deep Data Solutions, explained that the challenge isn’t getting more data in ad tech, the challenge is getting more out of data. We look forward to using the knowledge we gained from this event.

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