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Why You Should Use Header Bidding

Posted By: Benjamin Ancher, Product Marketing Manager at CPXi

Lately, you may have heard the industry buzzing about Header Bidding, but what is it?  Header Bidding is an easy to implement javascript code that integrates within the head of each page of a publisher’s site.  This new technology aims to improve the limits of a traditional publisher waterfall by allowing all demand sources within a Header Bidding partner a chance to participate in each impression auction.  When all demand sources are able to participate in an auction in real time, the result is increased competition that drives higher CPMs and yield for participating publishers.  

To learn more about this exciting development, check out the video below and review our accompanying infographic!

Video By: Kaitlin Meyers, Marketing Associate at CPXi


Infographic By: Sal Castelli, Director of Art and Creative at CPXi


Want to learn more about Header Bidding? Take a look at an informative article about the topic posted by Johanna Pesso, VP of Product here at CPXi.

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