Biddr°360 is the only header bidding solution that gives publishers real time control over their header bidding strategies and partners through one easy-to-use interface. Our unparalleled, end-to-end set of customizable solutions saves publishers valuable resources by providing ad-ops teams complete access and insights into their header bidding stack.

Our header bidding solution solves for a lack of publisher control and transparency in header bidding by uniting three key features into one solution.

Control Center
This granular, on-demand optimization tool helps publishers reclaim ultimate control over their sites by allowing non-engineering resources, like ad ops, to adjust their header bidding stack without relying on middlemen.

Publishers use the robust analytics of Biddr°360 to strategically manage their header bidding stacks and optimize the bidding process.

Ad Inspector
This real-time feature delivers insight into each individual ad unit on the page to evaluate how each demand partner is bidding on a deeper level.

Eliminates the reliance on outside vendors and frees up internal development resources in order to properly manager header bidding on the site

Allows for on-demand arrangements of bidder sequence, enabling and disabling partners through one self-serve user interface with no changes to the code or page needed

Offers deep analytics, allowing for strategic management and optimization of your bidding process

Provides real time granular insights into each bidder on each individual ad unit

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Header bidding technology provides publishers with a proven solution for increased competition, higher yield and improved operational efficiency. Through our suite of Biddr, bRealTimes header bidding products, bRealTime works with publishers in various ways to implement header bidding solutions. Based on our current ad stack and goals, we will work with you to choose the integration that is right for your business.

Our Benefits

Performance & Optimization
Our dedicated media buying and optimization team focuses in increasing win rates and maximizing auction pressure

bRealTime Marketplace
Get access to our proprietary demand sources, including our internal AdReady trading desk and direct deals secured by our demand team

Analytics & Insights
Gain valuable insights into demand partner performance via our dashboard and other analytics tools

Continuous User Testing
Our products are extensively tested on our owned & operated network of properties to guarantee maximum yield

How Does Header Bidding Work?

Publisher implements code (provided by bRT) on their page.

The ad server is set-up.

Publisher signs contract with other demand partners.

bRT integrates demand into container.

bRT optimizes speed for maximum competition & minimum latency.

The ad server evaluates the bid from the header bidding container alongside all other demand.

The winning creative is passed to the ad slot on the page and appears to the user.

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Benefits of Header Bidding

Higher CPMs
Pass bids on every impression with participating publishers

Easy Implementation
Simple, non-evasive process

No Latency
Strict timeout thresholds ensure there is no ad serving latency

Eliminate Inefficiencies
Integrate partner directly without losing impressions

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