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PRESS RELEASE: bRealTime Announces Biddr Cloud – Server to Server Connections for Header Bidding Publisher Suite, Biddr360

Experience the Demand, bRealTime Announces Biddr Cloud – Server to Server Connections for Header Bidding Publisher Suite, Biddr360

New York, NY – January 30, 2017 – bRealTime is a leading media and technology company that has a mission of driving programmatic business solutions for a better digital marketplace. Today’s announcement of its new Biddr Cloud creates an immediate opportunity for publishers to configure their own server side connection to integrate demand partners with no maintenance or additional overhead beyond what they have today.

Biddr Cloud enhances functionality for publishers by seamlessly implementing server-to-server integration capabilities to the existing Biddr°360 platform, the most popular header bidding suite in the marketplace that gives publishers complete control and transparency over their set up. A simple integration gives publishers options of client side and server side demand capabilities in one Biddr°360 deployment. What results is a seamless capability to maximize the number of ad partners that can bid on every ad impression on publisher pages, while providing the data and controls needed to maximize page speed, user experience, and revenue.

“Biddr Cloud is a significant offering to publishers, keeping them in full control while improving page speed and demand opportunities as publishers look for greater abilities to realize better monetization strategies,” said Michael Zacharski, CEO of bRealTime. “We are going to continue to innovate and provide features that put the publisher community back in full control over their sites, and Biddr Cloud is one of our best innovations towards that end.”

In addition to bRealTime’s full suite of self-serve tools to manage their client side bidding, Biddr Cloud will also be able to leverage many of those same features, such as these three below:

  • Control Center: A specially designed User Interface (UI) gives publishers an easy way to configure their initial header bidding script. This configuration includes the selection of bidding partners, ad unit creation, and other auction management tools to manage bidding rules and scenarios. Once the initial script is published on the page, all changes made inside of the Control Center automatically update.
  • Dashboard: An analytics tool that provides full visibility into key publisher metrics around revenue, fill and effectiveness as well as other actionable data points such as timeouts, bid rates, and bid averages, amongst others can be easily tracked.
  • Ad Inspector: A real-time auction diagnostics tool that shows data on every individual ad unit directly on the page with details such as participating buyers and information surrounding their bids, including price, timeouts, and other attributes that are configurable inside of the Control Center.

All current users of bRealTime’s Biddr°360 platform will be enabled to automatically deploy Biddr Cloud. Additionally, all publishers that use Biddr°360 will have the options of running only server-to-server header bidding or a hybrid model with both server side and client side connections.

“The header bidding landscape has been a clutter of chaos since its rapid adoption by publishers,” said Louis Ashner, VP Technology, bRealTime. “Biddr Cloud clears up that landscape by empowering publishers with their own server-to-server connection without the need for technical knowledge or resources. This gives publishers back control of their auctions, decreasing the number of bidders integrated to the page and allowing Biddr Cloud to serve their interests with maximum demand coupled with the best page speed possible.”

Full product launch and roll out to all existing Biddr°360 clients is scheduled for Q2 2017.

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