Three Ways to Plug-In

‘Programmatic’ is a tactic that enables a strategy, it is not the strategy itself. How a demand partner wants to target a campaign or how a supply partner wants to make their inventory available are questions that go beyond the tactical decision to engage the process programmatically. To accommodate these various strategies, bRealTime has created distinct programmatic channels that allow for customization based on our clients’ transparency, targeting and pricing goals.

bRealTime manages three primary channels: bRealTime Select; bRealTime Audience; and bRealTime Reach. Each channel features publisher inventory with unique characteristics designed to meet the needs of brand and direct marketers.

Our solutions continue to evolve based on the needs of the industry and the expanding capabilities of our technology and that of our partners.


High Impact & Premium Programmatic

Stand out from the crowd

Digital media advertising has always been about the ability to create a unique experience for the advertising consumer. Creative executions can offer multiple engagement opportunities between brands and consumers along various interest paths. We know that this value proposition remains important to advertisers that are also interested in the execution efficiencies of programmatic.

bRealTime understands the automation does not have to result in boring and flat executions. Leveraging our deep relationships with quality publishers and our ability to help them see the value of integrating custom creative executions on their inventory, we bring full creative customization to the programmatic table.