bRealTime offers a global, preferred programmatic environment with access to brand safe inventory on quality content sites. bRealTime has direct relationships with top publishers, offering full domain transparency, sophisticated targeting options and custom, exclusive, high-impact ad units. With direct access to highly viewable inventory, bRealTime provides extensive reach and performance across desktop display, mobile, and video





Global Reach

bRealTime monetizes impressions globally, with a presence in over 65 countries around the world.



Advertiser Control

bRealTime puts the quality controls in our media buyers’ hands with frequency capping and domain transparency to ensure brand safety.



Cross Screen Access

We provide access to quality inventory across screens, including desktop, tablet, mobile web, mobile app and video.



Custom Ad Units

In addition to standard IAB units, bRealTime offers exclusive highly-viewable units guaranteed to increase impact and user engagement.



Extensive Publisher Relationships

We have scalable relationships with thousands of high quality content publishers to ensure your campaigns reach the right audience.


Consultative Services

We work with buyers to structure individual deals that deliver transparency and performance across specific KPI’s