Programmatic Media Defined

Programmatic media is that which is aggregated, purchased, executed, analyzed and optimized as an automated process, through the use of technology.

Programmatically Speaking

The digital media industry is rapidly evolving with programmatic buying and selling becoming a mission critical part of online advertising. The vision is that technology will be deployed in a comprehensive manner that facilitates massive efficiencies across addressable media.

bRealTime is about making programmatic real for advertisers and publishers alike. We specialize in the integration of technology and services to bring advertisers the results they demand from programmatic buying and publishers the yield they expect.

As an emerging discipline, programmatic is in an evolutionary state. bRealTime stays ahead of the curve, tracking new technologies and opportunities and bringing them to the table for our partners and clients.

Three Ways to Plug-In

bRealTime manages three primary channels:
bRealTime Select | bRealTime Audience | bRealTime Reach

Each channel features publisher inventory with unique characteristics designed to meet the needs of brand and direct marketers.

Our solutions continue to evolve based on the needs of the industry and the expanding capabilities of our technology and that of our partners.