About bRealTime

bRealTime leverages a decade of digital inventory monetization experience, vast scalable relationships with quality content publishers and legacy-level integration with virtually every ad serving platform to offer efficient programmatic media solutions for both demand and supply side partners.

By partnering with leading content providers, demand sources and technology platforms, bRealTime utilizes programmatic tools to facilitate the efficient buying and selling of addressable media. bRealTime’s integration capabilities provide demand partners with extensive reach and performance and supply partners with multi-channel yield maximization.

bRealTime is a division of CPXi, a digital media holding company.

Our Philosophy

The team at bRealTime understands that programmatic is not simply automation for automation’s sake. As powerful as our technology infrastructure is, it is only of value to the extent that it makes the entire digital advertising system more efficient and more lucrative to both the supply and demand sides of the equation.

Why bRealTime

What we bring to the table besides our muscle is the experience built over more than a decade of optimizing every kind of digital media. What we know is that while automation brings efficiency, there is no substitute for an experienced set of hands managing the dials and pushing the buttons…making decisions on-the-fly that account for new learning and real time optimization. Plug into bRealTime and you’re truly plugging into programmatic.

The Engine Beneath the Hood

While technology integration and a team of expert media optimization analysts play important roles in the process, the engine that fuels bRealTime’s programmatic success is its unparalleled access to scalable quality digital inventory. bRealTime is a division of CPXi, a global digital media holding company that serves billions of ad impressions every day.

*Counts reflect network data for August 2014