Brand Safety

bRealTime understands that your reputation is your greatest asset.

Our Internal Ad Quality Team is dedicated to ensuring that we provide only the highest quality inventory across brand-safe sites to all advertisers.


Multi-Layering Safety Monitoring Protocols

bRealTime’s Quality Assurance Team manually monitors our network daily by analyzing trends in performance across all sites and inventory sources.  This is coupled with automatic services that monitor traffic 24/7 to identify fraudulent traffic and any malicious activity.


Brand Safe Inventory

bRealTime reviews each publisher through a rigorous multi-dimensional classification system to ensure that advertisers are present in only premium, brand safe, and fully transparent environments. Buyers are given further control with the ability to create personalized inventory filters based on preset brand guidelines and preferences.


Third Party Verifications

bRealTime works with multiple partners to monitor inventory across our network. We also abide by all standard industry guidelines and any restrictions determined by our media source partners.