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A Look Back At Digiday Publishing Summit

The Digiday Publishing Summit (DPS) is upon us! This year, the summit will focus on tried-and-true strategies to monetizing content across platforms, diving deeper into mobile and video, and the latest thinking around ad blockers. But before we celebrate this year’s Publishing Summit, we’d like to look back at the Digiday Publishing Summits of old…

Brian Weigel, General Manager of bRealTime, on DPS Vail 2015:

“The Digiday Publisher Summit always brings out many of today’s top publishers and tech providers. It’s a great event to catch up on the latest trends around publisher monetization and content. I definitely came away with numerous insights and relationships that I can apply back to the business.”

Brendan Plantier, Senior Business Development Manager for bRealTime, on DPS Key Biscane 2014:

Attending the DigiDay Publishing Summit was a great experience for me. I got to network with numerous premier publishers and make connections with high-level contacts at those companies. Overall it was a very productive conference that will lead to new business and increased brand awareness for bRealTime and CPXi.

As you can see, DSP is always a big hit and this year should be no different. If you’re as excited about the event as we are,  subscribe to our Digiday Publishing Summit Twitter list to follow all the event speakers. Also, Link with bRealTime representatives Brendan Plantier and Jonathan Slavin, who will be at the event this year.

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